Maurice Ponga nominé "Député européen de l'année 2014 " dans la catégorie "Environnement".

Mardi 18 Février 2014

Son travail pour la protection de la biodiversité dans l'outre-mer a été remarqué par les prestigieux Mep Awards

Category Environment

Maurice Ponga – EPP, France
"This outspoken French MEP has been nominated for his engagement in overseas biodiversity conservation in particular, and during his time in office Maurice Ponga has worked tirelessly on environmental issues. As a member of parliament's development committee, he has promoted strategies to counter climate change and biodiversity loss in both the EU and its overseas territories. He has also been particularly active in ensuring an effective common fisheries policy and illegal fishing, again both within Europe and beyond, providing many opinions on reports in these areas. The ECR deputy, born in Kouaoua, New Caledonia – an overseas territory of France, previously had a long career as a politician on the island, including holding positions in agriculture, fisheries and maritime. He has since promoted the Pacific region as a home to "European ambassadors", embodied by the overseas countries and territories, such as New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and Pitcairn."

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